Proceedings of the 13th National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISSN: 1313-9665), available on line - October 2018

Editors: Vassil M. Vassilev, Svetoslav G. Nikolov, Maria Datcheva, Yonka Ivanova

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Series on Biomechanics

MATEC Web of Conferences 145, 01001 (2018)

V. Angelov, E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, Rheological and surface mechanical properties of the epoxy–organoclay–gold nanocomposites, PaperID:NCTAM17-01

J. Jotov, N. Zlatov, Investigation of the development of telemanipuleting system in 6 D0F mobile robot, PaperID:NCTAM17-02

K. Kazakov, A. Handruleva, I. Stoynova, V. Matuski, On providing a comfortable environment in existing public buildings and implementation of energy efficiency, PaperID:NCTAM17-03

Ts. Kotsev, Unsteady density driven flow and contaminant modelling in Eleshnitsa tailing pond, PaperID:NCTAM17-04

R. Krastev, Contact deformations, PaperID:NCTAM17-05

B. Marinov, Research the influence of impulse loads on the driving mechanisms of big circular saw machines, PaperID:NCTAM17-06

B. Marinov, Deformation checks in the driving mechanisms of big circular saw machine, PaperID:NCTAM17-07

E. Nikolova, On nonlinear pressure waves in a blood-filled artery with an aneurysm, PaperID:NCTAM17-08

G. N. Nikolova, A. Yanakieva, Determination of the SIF and ERR in a cracked bi-material elements using FEM, LEFM energy approach and analytical calculations, PaperID:NCTAM17-09

A. Popov, Inverse problems in solid mechanics and ultrasonic, PaperID:NCTAM17-10

I. Stoynova, K. Kazakov, Modeling the behavior of RC connections subject to dynamic harmonic excitations, PaperID:NCTAM17-11

F. Tazyukov, E. Kutuzova, Blood flow in branching element of circulatory system, PaperID:NCTAM17-12